What is a Blood Transfusion?

With a blood transfusion, blood from donors is added to your own blood supply. A blood transfusion may also be done to increase various components of your blood with donated blood products. Not often, but in some cases, you can plan ahead of time for certain types of surgeries to donate your own blood to be used after the surgery in a blood transfusion.

During a normal blood transfusion, specific parts of blood are administered via an intravenous (IV) that is placed in a vein in your arm. A typical blood transfusion procedure usually takes no longer than two hours.

A blood transfusion is needed because blood levels are low — either because blood has been lost during surgery, disease or traumatic injury or because your body isn't producing enough on its own.

Recent Blood Transfusion News

Patient dead after blood transfusion
WFMZ Allentown
A patient at Lehigh Valley Hospital Hazleton is dead after an apparent botched blood transfusion. According to the Luzerne County Coroner on January 26, Deborah Davis was given the wrong blood type during a procedure. Davis then went into cardiac ...
Hospital patient died from wrong bloodStandard Speaker
Infusion of incompatible blood led to patient's deathThe Sunday Dispatch

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Reuters Blogs

Could Supreme Court contraceptive ruling affect coverage of vaccines and blood ...
In her dissent, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg asks whether the ruling extends to employers "with religiously grounded objections to blood transfusions, antidepressants, medications derived from pigs including anesthesia, intravenous fluids and pills ...
Hobby Lobby case won't stop blood transfusions: Bloomberg opinionThe Oregonian
Hobby Lobby case won't stop blood transfusionsColumbus CEO
Supreme Court Rules In Hobby Lobby Case, Dealing Blow To Birth Control ...Huffington Post

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Nyasa Times

Airtel Malawi in blood transfusion programs
Nyasa Times
Airtel Malawi has aligned itself to the Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (MBTS) programs of donating blood in order to save lives of Malawians. During the week-end, the company led several Malawians in the capital Lilongwe to donate blood for the ...

Candlelit Transfusion
Huffington Post
The night before his birthday, we rushed me to the hospital to receive blood transfusions. I spent the next few days recovering. I so wanted to celebrate him, to honor him, and do something special, because I know even more now how very important it is.

Genetic Engineering News

'Fake' blood cells to bridge transfusion gap
The Australian
Artificial platelets in sufficient volumes could solve these problems with little risk of contamination or rejection, because blood substitutes carry no disease, can be used with patients of any blood type and can be stored much longer than blood ...
Human Platelets Generated in BioreactorBioscience Technology
Scientists Discover New Way to Make Human PlateletsPhilly.com

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The Independent

Study reveals UK blood donors 'passing on Hepatitis E'
The Independent
Professor Tedder said the transfusion-induced infections counted for a relatively small proportion of the 80,000 and 100,000 infections estimated to have occurred in England during the study period. “Although rarely causing any acute illness, hepatitis ...
5% of blood donors exposed to hepatitis E, says IBTSIrish Examiner
1 in 3000 blood donors in England infected with hepatitis EMedical Xpress

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When Karissa Nicholls required a full blood transfusion at birth, her dad ...
Courier Mail (blog)
Mr Blogg said he was honoured to be nominated and said he chose to become a regular blood donor as part of his contribution to society. “Karissa was born as a 'blue baby' and needed a total transfusion at birth because of an incompatibility in the ...


Baby boy saved by blood transfusions while in the womb
When the foetus' blood mixes with the mother's, which typically occurs during delivery, the mother's body identifies the Rh factor as a foreign substance and begins to produce antibodies against it. And, in a subsequent pregnancy, the blood with ...
Baby saved through new foetal blood transfusions at Abu Dhabi hospitalThe National
UAE hospital successfully delivers in-utero transfused babyGulf Today

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Fayette parents sue hospitals, blood bank, doctor over infant son's death
The parents of a Fayette County baby have sued hospitals, a doctor, the Central Blood Bank of Pittsburgh and the Institute for Transfusion Medicine over their 2-month-old son's death, attributed in part to a tainted blood transfusion. Christopher and ...

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When will doctors start using artificial blood?
Tech Page One
Researchers at the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) produced living cells identical to the ones we already have in the blood. Using cells from humans, researchers reverted stem cells to grow them into ...