What is a Blood Transfusion?

With a blood transfusion, blood from donors is added to your own blood supply. A blood transfusion may also be done to increase various components of your blood with donated blood products. Not often, but in some cases, you can plan ahead of time for certain types of surgeries to donate your own blood to be used after the surgery in a blood transfusion.

During a normal blood transfusion, specific parts of blood are administered via an intravenous (IV) that is placed in a vein in your arm. A typical blood transfusion procedure usually takes no longer than two hours.

A blood transfusion is needed because blood levels are low — either because blood has been lost during surgery, disease or traumatic injury or because your body isn't producing enough on its own.

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Scientists to Develop Artificial Blood in Factories: Is it Safe For Blood ...
International Business Times AU
Imagine a scenario when a totally incapacitated man with blood all over him, suddenly walks up to you. Will you scream because of so much blood or will you actually pity him and maybe even extend some help? But check first for this might just be fake ...
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Blood transfusions to be the centre of new research
Focusing on life saving blood transfusions for people who are critically ill, the research has been made possible through a $1.5 million grant from the National Health and Medical Research Centre. Professor Jamie Cooper, Director of Monash University ...

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Blood Transfusion Centre set up at TUTH
KATHMANDU, April 15: A blood transfusion centre, dubbed as country´s one of the well equipped blood transfusion centers, has been inaugurated at the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) premises today. The building of the Centre is ...

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Are Blood Transfusions Safe in the Hospitalized Patient?
Ever since we were able to offer blood transfusions (about the 1940′s), it has been common wisdom that higher red blood cell counts are good for you. We know that red blood cells carry oxygen and some athletes use this to their advantage when they ...

Scientists Create Artificial Blood That Can Be Produced On An Industrial Scale ...
Medical Daily
With this new method, scientists hope they'll produce a sort of “limitless” supply of type-O red blood cells, free of diseases and able to be transfused into any patient. Blood transfusions are used to replace lost blood after an injury or surgery ...

Medical Daily

New Blood Group Typing Technique Reduces Transfusion Risks And Blood ...
Medical Daily
The first recorded blood transfusion was done in 1665 by Englishman Richard Lower. Lower kept his dog alive by transfusing blood from other dogs. Since then, the blood transfusion has become a staple part of modern medicine, as well as a necessity for ...
Scientists design new system for molecular blood group typingNews-Medical.net

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Blood Transfusion Service Launches Donation Drive
THE Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service has launched an Easter special blood drive. It will be carried out at six centres in Nairobi and 11 satellites across the country between Saturday and April 23. The KNBTS aims to collect 20,000 units of blood.

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University Herald

Like Hand-Washing, Blood Transfusions Linked to Infections
University of Rochester Newsroom
Blood transfusions are among the most common treatments for hospitalized patients nationwide, but doing them less often reduces infection rates by nearly 20 percent, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association co-authored by ...
Overuse of blood transfusions increases infection riskUniversity of Michigan Health System News (press release)
Fewer blood transfusions reduce hospital infectionsFierceHealthcare
Blood Transfusions Linked To InfectionsUniversity Herald
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Routine blood transfusions may decrease infection rates
Campus Times
Restrictive criteria for the use of routine blood transfusions in hospitals may help decrease infection rates in patients, according to a meta-analysis in The Journal of the American Medical Association. The study was led by Mary Rogers, Ph.D., from ...

Be a Hero to Someone in Need of a Blood Transfusion
The United Blood Services of Reno is asking the public to consider being a hero to someone in need of a blood transfusion by donating blood this month, according to an official with the Donor Recruitment Department. He says the United Blood Service is ...

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